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Monday, May 24, 2010

0 The Importance of Warming-up for Badminton Athletes

Warming up is an essential part of a weight-training routine. A warm-up activity can be any type of low-level activity as long as it loosens up your body, gets your blood flowing, and prepares your body for the work out. Warming up is absolutely necessary if you plan to lift heavy weights. To walk into gym and an attempt to max out (lift the maximum amount of weight you can handle) without first warming up can cause injury because your body is not ready for the physical stress of a weight-training routine. In general, there are two major types of warming up: full body warm-up and exercise-specific warm-up.

Full body warm-up is anything that increases your blood flow and literally warms you up. Whereas exercise-specific warm-up is properly executed by performing a light-weight set (group of repetitions) of an exercise before going into your prescribed routine for that same exercise with heavier weights.
Taufik Hidayat is warming-up (badmintoncentral.com)

One major benefit of warming up is that it helps reduce the likelihood of pulls, tears, and other injuries, which can be painful and hamper your future training. Another major benefit of warming up is that it loosens your muscles and allows you to lift heavier weights. Heavier weights, in turn, put more resistance on your muscles, which forces your work to harder and gives you a better workout.

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Badminton
Author: Robert G. Price


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