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Saturday, January 21, 2012

0 European Team Championships 2012

Poster source: www.badmintoneurope.com

The European Team Badminton Championships 2012 will be held in the Netherlands from 14 to 19 February, at Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam. The tournament format will consist of two stages: group stage with round-robin playing system and knock-out stage. Each of the winners of the following groups will go through the quarterfinals.

Men's team

Group 1: Denmark, Scotland, Sweden

14.2.2012 Scotland v Sweden
15.2.2012 Denmark v Scotland
16.2.2012 Denmark v Sweden

Group 2: Germany, Israel, Ireland

14.2.2012 Israel v Ireland
15.2.2012 Germany v Israel
16.2.2012 Germany v Ireland

Group 3: England, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic

14.2.2012 England v Switzerland, Slovenia v Czech Republic
15.2.2012 Switzerland v Czech Republic, England v Slovenia
16.2.2012 England v Czech Republic, Switzerland v Slovenia

Group 4: Russia, Portugal, Wales, Bulgaria

14.2.2012 Russia v Portugal, Wales v Bulgaria
15.2.2012 Russia v Wales, Portugal v Bulgaria
16.2.2012 Russia v Bulgaria, Portugal v Wales

Group 5: Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria

14.2.2012 Netherlands v Hungary, Slovakia v Austria
15.2.2012 Netherlands v Slovakia, Hungary v Austria
16.2.2012 Netherlands v Austria, Hungary v Slovakia

Group 6: Poland, Belgium, Lithuania, Spain

14.2.2012 Poland v Belgium, Lithuania v Spain
15.2.2012 Poland v Lithuania, Belgium v Spain
16.2.2012 Belgium v Lithuania, Poland v Spain

Group 7: France, Estonia, Croatia, Italy

14.2.2012 France v Estonia, Croatia v Italy
15.2.2012 France v Croatia, Estonia v Italy
16.2.2012 Estonia v Croatia, France v Italy

Group 8: Ukraine, Iceland, Luxemburg, Finland

14.2.2012 Ukraine v Iceland, Luxembourg v Finland
15.2.2012 Iceland v Finland, Ukraine v Luxembourg
16.2.2012 Ukraine v Finland, Iceland v Luxembourg

Women's Team

Group 1: Denmark, Poland, Spain

14.2.2012 Poland v Spain
15.2.2012 Denmark v Poland
16.2.2012 Denmark v Spain

Group 2: Germany, Cyprus, Belarus

14.2.2012 Cyprus v Belarus
15.2.2012 Germany v Cyprus
16.2.2012 Germany v Belarus

Group 3: Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden

14.2.2012 Hungary v Sweden
15.2.2012 Netherlands v Hungary
16.2.2012 Netherlands v Sweden

Group 4: Russia, Slovakia, Ireland, Slovenia

14.2.2012 Russia v Slovakia, Ireland v Slovenia
15.2.2012 Slovakia v Slovenia, Russia v Ireland
16.2.2012 Russia v Slovenia, Slovakia v Ireland

Group 5: Bulgaria, Portugal, Estonia, Finland

14.2.2012 Bulgaria v Portugal, Estonia v Finland
15.2.2012 Bulgaria v Estonia, Portugal v Finland
16.2.2012 Bulgaria v Finland, Portugal v Estonia

Group 6: England, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland

14.2.2012 England v Scotland, Italy v Switzerland
15.2.2012 Scotland v Switzerland, England v Italy
16.2.2012 England v Switzerland, Scotland v Italy

Group 7: France, Wales, Iceland, Belgium

14.2.2012 France v Wales, Iceland v Belgium
15.2.2012 France v Iceland, Wales v Belgium
16.2.2012 France v Belgium, Wales v Iceland

Group 8: Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, Czech Republic

14.2.2012 Ukraine v Croatia, Lithuania v Czech Republic
15.2.2012 Ukraine v Lithuania, Croatia v Czech Republic
16.2.2012 Ukraine v Czech Republic, Croatia v Lithuania

Knock-out stage, quarterfinals (17.2.2012)

Men's qf

Group 1 winner v Group 6 winner (A)
Group 3 winner v Group 8 winner (B)
Group 7 winner v Group 4 winner (C)
Group 5 winner v Group 2 winner (D)

Women's qf

Group 1 winner v Group 8 winner (E)
Group 4 winner v Group 5 winner (F)
Group 6 winner v Group 3 winner (G)
Group 7 winner v Group 2 winner (H)

The semifinals will take place on 18 February and the final matches are held on 18 February.


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